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Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Private Phone Auction
400 Acres Dryland Surface Only

Meade County, KS

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Private Phone Auction


LOCATED IN: N/2 35-30-30 & N/2 SW/4 36-30-28 MEADE COUNTY KS

Tract #1:

N/2 SW/4 36-30-28 80 acres dryland cultivated. Located Hwy 23 & Hwy 98 junction, ½ mile north. Wht bs. 30.3 Y29 bu. Milo bs. 18.8 Y35 bu.

Tract #2:

NE/4 35-30-30 160 acres dryland cultivated. Wht bs. 85.4 Y29 bu. Milo bs. 3.5 Y35 bu. Barley bs. 8.5 Y32 bu. Located from Plains, KS 4 Rd. 9 miles north 1 ½ east.

NW/4 35-30-30 160 acres dryland cultivated Wht bs. 84.6 Y29 bu. Milo bs. 3.4 Y35 bu. Barley bs. 8.4 Y32 bu. Location: See tract #2 (map)

Terms: 10% of purchase price paid day of sale (earnest payment). Balance due upon acceptance of title (20 days) and delivery of deed.

Taxes: 2018 and prior years paid by Seller. 2019 and subsequent years paid by Buyer.

Title: Title insurance policy furnished. Cost shared 50/50 Escrow fee shared 50/50

All bidding parties will remain confidential

Buyers must bid prior to 12:00 (noon) February 22, 2019 to be included in bidding pool.

After bidding deadline, active bidders will be allowed to advance their bids. Bids will be accepted until no further advances are made. Minimum bid is $10.00 per acre.

All bids must be submitted by telephone. (620)-563-7283 or (620) 629-1100

Sale is subject to Sellers approval.

POSSESSION: Acreage planted to wheat following harvest of such wheat and payment in full and closing. Buyer receives no interest in planted wheat.

POSSESSION: Open ground upon payment in full at closing, subject to payment of input expenses.

SELLERS: Susan Watson, Bernie Weller, Harry Zielke,
Christopher Zielke, Amanda Zielke

PO Box 458 • Plains, KS 67869
(620) 563-7283

Terry Cordes
Meade, Kansas

Announcements day of sale take precedence over prior advertising.

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