Estate Auction

Saturday, July 20th, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Car, Art Work, Jewelry
Vintage Furniture, Collectibles, Household, Misc

2202 New Hampshire - Lawrence, KS


2000 Toyota Camry CE 4 door, 5 sp. manual

Art Work (Some Signed)

EL Borracho 1&2 Framed Pictures, Louis Copt(oil on Canvas), Roger Shimomura(prints w/print records), J Mears (Horse Pictures), Joan Foth, Delft pictures, numerous pictures & prints of all kinds!; Art Work Station Rolling Island Cabinet w/matching Work Desk; Misc. Art Supplies; Many Unique Pottery/Clay Statue & Figurines of all shapes & sizes! Large Selection of Native American Southwest Pottery/Figurines/Jewelry/Kachina & Kokopelli figurines

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14K Diamond Studded Earrings, Platinum Diamond Earrings, 7- 14K Rings, set of 3 Stackable 14K/Diamond Rings, Tiffany & Co. 950 Diamond/Sapphire Band, 2- 14K Diamond/Sapphire Bands, 14K Round Diamond/Sapphire Ring, 14K Emerald/Diamond Ring, 14K Sterling/Diamond Ring, 18K Diamond/Ruby/Emerald Ring, 14K & 18K Hoop Earrings, Ruby Earrings, 2- 18K Diamond Clasp Pearl Necklaces, Vintage Gold Bracelet, Gold Aqua-Marine Bracelet, Sterling Turquoise Bracelet, Mexico Silver Necklace, Sterling Blue Moon Necklace, Gold Stone Necklace, Groves Sterling Necklace, 18K Peridot Pendent; Several Pieces of Turquoise!, Vintage Pendants of all Sorts!, watches, 14K Thimble, Many Many Unlisted Jewelry Pieces!

Vintage Furniture/Collectibles/Household/Misc.

Lawyer's Stackable 4 tier Bookcase; Lawyer's 4 tier Cabinet w/Glass Doors; Oak Primitive Kitchenette Round Table; Oak Square Primitive Dining Table; 4 Oak Upholstered matching Chairs; Primitive Kitchen Painted Cabinet; Primitive Chest Trunk; Mid-Century Matching Side Chairs; Mid-Century Oak Leather Chair w/Foot Rest; Oak Ex. Chair; 2ft. x 7ft. Parlor Table w/Marble Top; Oak Coffee Table; Stained Glass Hanging Window Pieces; Vintage Wooden Screen Doors; 2x5 Southwest table rug; 10x16 & 10x14 Vintage Area Floor Rugs; Cast-Iron Cook "N" Kettle BBQ Cooker; matching Cast-Iron Planter Urns; 32x32 Cast-Iron Floor Grate; Cowboy/Saloon Girl Statue(Bronze?); 30 in. Clay Pottery Mickey Mouse; Fairbanks Morse Doctors Office Patient Scale; Law. All Star Dairy Milk Box; Mountain Sheep Skull; Wooden/Clay/Pottery Animals Heads Of All Kinds!; woven baskets; marbles; Very Large Collection of Vintage Made In Japan Figurines/Vases/Animals/Statues/Etc.!; Black Cat Firecracker framed picture; Frog & Airplane Lamps; printer stamp molds; Schuco wind-up Volkswagen toy; Lesney toys; 3x3 Butcher Block Style Rolling Table; Oak Office Desk; Stacking Whirlpool Duet Washer/Dryer; couch; loveseat; oak chest drawers; wrought iron patio set; several styles of wind chimes(indoor & outdoor); Magic Chef microwave; small appliances; kitchen décor; office supplies; Pet Supplies; Health Trainer HT95 treadmill; garden/hand tools; yard art; box lot items; numerous items too many to mention!

Seller: Ellen "Ellie" LeCompte Estate The Trust Co., Executor

Auction Note: This Is Truly A Unique & Unusual One of Kind Auction! Very Clean & the Condition is Excellent! Do Not Miss The Opportunity! Plenty of Shade!

Terms: Cash or approved checks, sorry no credit cards, ID required to register for a bid number, bidding by number, nothing removed until settled with the cashier. Elston Auctions or Seller not responsible for accidents/damage or theft. Statements made day of auction take precedence over all prior advertisements and printed material. Title transfers are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. Everything sold as is, where is, without any guarantee implied.

Mark Elston
(785-594-0505) (785-218-7851)
"Serving Your Auction Needs Since 1994"

Jewelry Lot List


1. Turquoise Necklace w/Sterling Clasp
2. Red Ruby Bead Necklace w/14K Clasp
3. Turquoise Beads Necklace w/925 Clasp
4. Turquoise Bead Necklace w/925 Clasp
4A. Strand Multi-Colored Blue/Purple/Orange/Green/Yellow Briolette Cup Sapphires Set 14K Clasp
4B. Strand Orange Briolette Sapphires 14K Clasp
4C. Strand Greyish Blue-Green Sapphires 14K Clasp
4D. Strand Multi-Colored Sapphire Bead (Rondell Cut) 14K Clasp
4E. Strand Aquamarine Beads 14K Clasp
4F. Strand Sapphire, Peridot, Blue, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Fire Opal, Garnett, 14K Clasp
5. Turquoise Beaded Animals Necklace w/Sterling Clasp
6. Turquoise Beads w/Sterling Clasp
7. Amethyst Sterling Bracelet w/Earrings
8. Amethyst Marked YY439 Made In Mexico Silver Necklace
9. Chi Pita Necklace V-Beaded
10. Orange Beaded Necklace w/Sterling Clasp
11. Jade Pendent & Earrings set in 925
12. Orange Beads Necklace w/18K Clasp
13. Orange beaded Necklace w/Sterling Clasp
14. Turquoise Sterling Earrings
15. Turquoise Beaded Necklace
16. Turquoise Beaded Necklace
17. Beaded Necklace
18. Amethyst 14K Earrings
19. Ladies 14K Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum Band Set 9 European Cut Diamonds
20. Platinum 9-Sapphire 9-Diamond Eternity Band Ring
21. Ladies Sapphire & Diamond Tiffany Co. 950 Platinum T3497 Band Set In Twelve 2.2mm Round Brilliant Diamonds Fifteen 2.2mm caliber cut Sapphires
22. Platinum Diamond Earrings
23. 18K Diamond Earrings
24. 18K Earrings
25. Brooch
26. 18K Earrings
27. 14K Earrings
28. Red Brooch w/Matching Earrings
29. Brooch
30. Gold Stone Bead Necklace
31. Vintage Antique Gold & Aquamarine Bracelet
32. Studded DIAMOND EARRINGS 1.52ct. in 14K White Gold !!!
33. 18K Peridot Pendant
34. 14K Peridot Pendant
35. 10K Chain w/Jade Pendant
36. Sterling & 14K Diamond Ring
37. 18 in. Freshwater Pearl Necklace w/18K Yellow Gold Lobster Clasp
38. 14K Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings
39. South Sea 45 Pearl Necklace w/White Gold Clasp Round Diamonds .15ctw.
40. 14K Silver South Sea Pearl 8.5mm Stud Earrings
41. 18K Yellow Gold Ladies Celtic Ring by Alex Sepkus 5 Round Brilliant Diamonds 0.05 cttw. Set in the Ring Two 3mm Round Orange Sapphires & Two 3mm Round Tsavorite Garnets
42. 14K Garnett Earrings Mil Grain
43. Vintage Antique Gold Bracelet
44. 14K Emerald/Diamond Ring (Emerald Missing!)
45. 18K Gold Hoop Earrings
46. 14K Gold Band Ring
47. 14K Emerald & Diamond Ring (Emerald Missing!)
48. 18K Gold Hoop Earrings
49. 14K Stackable #1 Gold Ring
50. 14K Stackable #2 Gold Ring
51. 14K Stackable #3 Gold Ring
52. 14K Thimble
53. 14K Gold Hoop Earrings
54. 14K Gold Chain
55. 14K Gold Band Ring
56. 14K Gold band Ring
57. 14K Green Gold Band (Damage)
58. 14K Green Gold Band (Partial Stone Missing!)
59. Platinum 20-Sapphire & 10-Diamond Eternity Band Ring Mil Grained Edge
60. 14K (2) Diamond Ring Stackable #1
61. 14K (6) Diamond Ring Stackable #2
62. 14K (2) Diamond Ring Stackable #3
63. 14K White Gold Blue Sapphire 1.59 ct. Earrings
64. 14K Bracelet
65. Pearl Necklace w/Diamond Clasp
66. Groves Sterling Necklace
67. Sterling Fish Ring
68. Sterling/Turquoise Brooch
69. Sterling Flower Brooch
70. 925 Necklace/Pendant
71. Sterling Knife
72. 925 Bird Necklace/Pendant
73. Sterling Necklace/Pendant Marked Blue Moon
74. Sterling Tree Necklace
75. 925 "Sweetheart" Bracelet
76. Gold Stone Beaded Necklace
77. 925 Eye Bracelet
78. Sterling Pendant Necklace w/Matching Earrings
79. Sterling Pendant
80. Coin Silver Turquoise Bracelet
81. Sterling Lizard Pin
82. Mummy Pendant
83. Rick Werito Sterling Pendant
84. Sterling Bracelet w/Matching Earrings
85. Vintage Antique Coral Cameo
85A. "Webster" Sterling Pendant W/Matching Earrings
86. Turquoise Necklace
90. Brooch
91. 14K Earrings
92. Cameo Earrings
93. Necklace
94. Sterling Necklace
95. Sterling & 14K Bracelet Broken!
96. Necklace W/matching Earrings
97. Fire Fly Necklace

Many Many Other Unlisted Jewelry Pieces!!!

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